General FAQs

No. We recommend ages 12 and older, but there are no age restrictions. Any age may attend the Castle of Chaos. Children 5 and under are free.

Nope, sorry. Unused tickets from previous years or seasons are no longer valid and there are no refunds on expired tickets.

Yes! You can use any credit or debit card that has the Visa, MasterCard, or Discover logo. We DO NOT take American Express. Keep in mind, for all credit and debit card transactions, there is a $1 service fee.

As long as you arrive by the time we close, you will be admitted. So, if we close at 10 and you arrive at 10, you are fine, even if there is still a line.

The General Admission Single Haunt ticket allows entry into every haunt within one location.

Sadly, the building was purchased (and subsequently torn down) and we were forced to vacate. But the good news is the entire 3300 South cast and crew is now at our Taylorsville location (formerly Nightmare Mansion™) and has joined their entire case and crew. Two massive haunts under one roof. Salt Lake better hold on tight. The new and improved Castle of Chaos™ Salt Lake features both Hands on Horror™ and FIVE Levels of Fear™!

Just visit our “Join Us” page and fill out the contact form. We will email you back and get you all the information you need. You must be at least 16 years old to volunteer at our Salt Lake location and at least 14 years old to volunteer at our Riverdale and Orem locations.

4 Levels of Fear

4 Levels of Fear allows you to choose the level of intensity you experience when at Castle of Chaos. The 4 Levels of Fear refer to the type and intensity of scares you will receive from the actors as you go through the haunted attraction. The levels (in order of intensity) are: Monster-Be-Gone, General Admission, Hands on Horror, and X-Scream Hands on Horror. To learn more about each of our 4 Levels of Fear visit our pricing page.

No. All 4 Levels of Fear go through the same haunted house.

Your group can have people choose different levels and you will still go through everything together.

Hands on Horror

Hands on Horror™ is an extra add-on experience for those that think they can handle being touched by our actors. We have hired the best scarers in Utah to give you an experience you will never forget! If you don’t think it was worth the upgrade, you get your add-on cost back at the end. This experience is so intense you MUST sign a waiver to participate. You WILL be touched! You will be grabbed (appropriately)! So do not do this upgrade if you do not think you can handle it! Each Hands on Horror™ victim is specially designated by a glowing object on their person so that our creatures know which victims have signed the waiver!

No. Hands on Horror™ is strictly optional. No one has to participate. It is up to each person to decide if they feel like they can handle the intensity and if they wish to pay for the special upgrade.

You must be 18 or older OR be with a parent or guardian (who is over 18) and can sign the waiver for you OR download the waiver in advance, have your parent or guardian sign it, and bring it with you. These rules apply to both levels of Hands on Horror™ (Regular and X-Scream™).

X-Scream Hands On Horror™ is an even more intense level of actor interaction. Some of our actors have been trained to give you a “special” level of Hands On treatment. You will get extra attention from them in many different ways. Castle of Chaos prides itself on being Utah’s most interactive haunt and the X-Scream™ level of Hands On Horror™ ensures that you will be the center of attention for these professional actors. You will NOT (of course) be harmed or handled inappropriately, but anything else is fair game. You never know what will happen in the darkness when you’re all alone! Know that you may be separated from your group, so remove your glow necklace if it becomes too intense for you!