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Top 5 Female Serial Killers

Top 5 Female Serial Killers 5 Most Violent Female Serial Killers Experts estimate that approximately 20% of serial killers are female, though they seem to go overlooked a lot of the time. Probably because a lot of them aren't necessarily violent killings; female serial killers usually have a method of poisoning their [...]

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Time Travel Stories: From The Future

From the Future Time Travel Stories Stories that will make you believe in time travel Is time travel possible?  Time travel is one of human kind's biggest fantasies. The topic has been all over movies and TV shows for years; Back to the Future, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Dr. Who and many [...]

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Crazy UFO Sightings You Won’t Believe

Crazy UFO Sightings Countdown of the 5 Craziest UFO Sightings The mystery of life outside of our planet has been a topic of interest as far back as human history dates. We find evidence of mysterious flying objects dating as far back as the pyramids. Throughout history, it seems like [...]

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