Most Mysterious Missing People Cases

Most Mysterious Missing People Cases Nothing intrigues, baffles, or frightens us more than missing people cases. When someone disappears without a trace, they leave a trail of unanswered questions that last a lifetime for those who loved them. Disappearances caused by ill fate or by choice have been part of human history for a [...]

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Top 5 Female Serial Killers

Top 5 Female Serial Killers 5 Most Violent Female Serial Killers Experts estimate that approximately 20% of serial killers are female, though they seem to go overlooked a lot of the time. Probably because a lot of them aren't necessarily violent killings; female serial killers usually have a method of poisoning their [...]

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Lock Picking 101: How to Pick a Lock

Lock Picking 101: How to Pick a Lock OK, so you're locked up in a room. Being locked up in a room is bad enough but let's say things are even worse than you imagined. Someone has maliciously covered you in chains and padlocks. To make sure you don't escape this antagonist also has [...]

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World’s First Escape Room – Egyptian Pyramids

World's First Escape Room: Egyptian Pyramids The vast wealth buried with Egyptian Kings, Queens, and high-ranking officials proved to be too much temptation for ancient looters. The challenge, however, was to get to the gold, jewels, and other valuable artifacts hidden in pyramids and escape safely.  Escaping with the treasure remains extremely difficult. Builders [...]

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