5 Levels of Fear at the Scariest Haunted House in Utah

Castle of Chaos revolutionized the haunted industry by starting ‘Hands on Horror’ and eventually expanding to ‘5 Levels of Fear’.

When Hands on Horror began in 2007 during our ‘7 Deadly Sins’ theme, the owner, James Bernard, was our only actor. It expanded in 2008, with James bringing on more actors during the ‘Bloodfest’ theme. Our tagline for all radio and other ads was “Will you sign your waiver?”

Our customers absolutely loved it, and Castle of Chaos quickly became one of America’s scariest Halloween attractions!

As word got out across the country, many other haunts started implementing “Hands on Horror” or other “Extreme Haunting, ” and the trend has continued to grow ever since. A lot of haunted attractions are now ‘only hands on.’ Which is all fun and games, but keeping in mind that Castle’s motto is “Not just the scariest haunted attraction, the most fun too!” We try to ensure that every customer at every level has a great time and receives the level and type of attention they are seeking.

What is Castle of Chaos’ 5 Levels Of Fear?

In 2009, Castle of Chaos wanted to offer YOU the chance to pick your fear. Now, you can customize your haunted house experience by choosing from these 5 levels.

Monsters Be Gone

You can make the scary things cower before you! Our ghoulish monsters will keep their distance and stay out of your personal space. If you select this first level, you’ll be given a glow stick to ward off those things that go bump in the night…

The Haunt

Typical to most haunted houses, on level 2 you’re going to have monsters jumping out at you, and possibly chasing you. But while they can look, they can’t touch. You’ll be given enough space that you can be scared while still keeping your cool.

Hands on Horror

With a glowing wristband to indicate the green light, our monsters will know it’s time to get physical. Be prepared to be touched by our actors, their props, and whatever else they might use to frighten you. If that sounds like it may be almost too much for you, take comfort that they can’t take you away! You’ll never leave your group, but they might make you want to hold on a little tighter to your friends.

X-Scream Hands on Horror

You won’t believe what they can get away with…Not for the faint of heart, Level 4 is for the real adrenaline junkies. By choosing “X-Scream,” you can be touched and anything else. Taken off, tied up, shut away, soaked, or otherwise “tortured,” you’re not likely to forget the your night in the Castle. You’ll be terrorized as we see fit, so make sure you’re one who can let someone else be in charge…

Ultimate Hands on Horror

This 18 and up experience takes level 4 to a new level. You’ll still go through the haunted house, but there are special places and people reserved to “entertain” you. We’ve hired a small crew of experts for this, and we’ve seen their work. If you think you want the experience that “pushes the envelope” in extreme haunting, you are on your own in this. You must sign a Level 5 Waiver, waiving all rights in case of property damage (clothing, shoes, etc… anything you take with you- no electronics or jewelry allowed), injury or accidental death. Unless you let us know when you are photographed and sign your waiver (valid photo ID required) before entry, intense language and advanced interrogation tactics will be employed. This is NOT for everyone. We advise you to research our online video (available Oct 1st) and other extreme haunting before signing up for this exclusive offer.

The Scariest Haunted House In Utah

“Allow us to bring your greatest fears to life in an underground nightmare of sociopathic killers, malicious spirits, and utter darkness.”

In 2017 Castle is going back to its roots by adding in even more interaction. We are an actor driven haunt, and our actors are trained extensively in roleplay, so each night you get a different experience. We LOVE scaring, acting, making you scream, making you laugh… and our number one rule is “Have Fun!” Not only do we seek to scare, but entertain as well!

Tickets for the Haunt go on sale September 13th, so don’t miss out! Come check out the scariest haunted house in Utah! This year’s theme is “Club Chaos” so hopefully everyone brings a great attitude, a smile on their face, and an extra pair of underwear!

Are you brave enough to go X-Scream?