5 Horror Films For Fathers’ Day

Sometimes Fathers have a rotten deal when it comes to their day; Mothers get flowers, jewelry, and breakfast in bed, while dads sometimes get another tie to add to their overwhelming collection. Now don’t get us wrong- Mothers are important and absolutely amazing, but they have a whole day for themselves; let’s take some time to fully celebrate dads this year.
If your dad is a horror nut, but not entirely pleased with the number of films villainizing his family role, then we’ve got you covered. Everyone knows about the scary movies that show Dad as the bad guy – The Shining, Fragility, and The Stepfather top out for wicked fathers, but let’s take a look at some movies that put Dad in the hero role – even in the midst of spooky chaos.

5. Ghosthunters (2016) –

If you’re looking for a completely paranormal story this Fathers’ Day, take a look at Ghosthunters. Released as a mock story of Ghostbusters, Ghosthunters is anything but comedic. The appearance of the creepy plague doctor mask should be your first warning that this is not a light movie.
The story follows a father who loses his wife and child at the hands of a famed serial killer known as the Night Stalker. He’s accepted their death, and he wrangles up his ghost hunting squad to enter the place of their demise and set their souls free. He’s developed the technology to do with some machines that can capture souls, and he hopes to bring his wife and kid to rest. Together, his group fights the paranormal to solve the mystery of the Night Stalker and set his family’s souls free.

4. The Hours Till Daylight (2015) –

As a father is planning for his first child, he must answer a lot of questions about whether or not he’s ready to be a good dad. One of the most called upon superpowers of a good dad is the ability to keep the boogeyman in the closet. For this expecting father, this superpower has yet to develop; he’s terrified of the dark.
In order to become a good dad, Marco confronts his childhood trauma, which is much deeper than your average issues from poor parenting. In order to fully drive the evil out of his life, this expectant father returns to his childhood home to break the family curse and stare down the face of evil – or die trying.

3. Pet Semetary (1989)-

This is an oldie, but quite the classic story. The novel Pet Semetary was written by the horror king himself, Stephen King, so you know that the story is horror gold. It details the choice of a father who is determined to do anything to help his son – as all good fathers should do. But this one questions the morality vs. love story.
In Pet Semetary, a father loses his son shortly after moving to a new town due to a tragic accident. The grieving father is then tempted by stories of an ancient cemetery that holds the supernatural power to bring the dead back to life. There’s perhaps not a person who has lost someone dear to them who hasn’t wished desperately for the power to bring their loved one back – and this father is no different. Naturally, he gives into the temptation of resurrecting his son, but we all know what happens when you play with that kind of power.

2. Train To Busan (2016)-

Although Train To Busan didn’t get a ton of press in the States, it hit it off in its home country, South Korea. It combines the public’s favorite horror sensation right now – zombies – with heavy action fighting scenes and plenty of tear-jerking moments.
The plot is pretty straightforward with a father taking his daughter to visit her mother in another city. Should be your standard train ride – right? False. A woman on the train starts seizing and deforms into a zombie before their very eyes, and it becomes a battle for survival between the father and the rest of the train passengers who slowly do the zombie thing and join the undead. Train To Busan is truly a wickedly action-packed story that is sure to endear itself to you and your father this Fathers’ Day.

1. A Quiet Place (2018) –

A Quiet Place recently came out of theaters, and it instantly became a top hit in the horror world. The reasons why are not surprising at all; the alien-creatures terrorizing the earth are nothing short of vicious and stunningly unique, the post-apocalyptic world that’s portrayed in the film is an unnerving one that keeps you hardly daring to breathe, and best of all, the hero is one of Americas’ modern sweethearts, John Krasinski.
Without giving too much away, this is a story of survival and sacrifice that takes place in a brutally quiet world where mankind has fallen severely down on the food chain due to some invading aliens that hunt purely by sound. For the movie that embodies the love of a father with the nail-biting suspense of the best horror movie to come out, look no further.

All in all, we always want to remember our dads as strong and powerful as Ash in Army of Darkness that we remember from childhood days. Hopefully, some of these films can restore that nostalgia and resecure that close bond that came from having a strong protector that scared away the monsters in our rooms. Here’s to our dads this Fathers’ Day, and remember that in the midst of a spooky world, we have our super dads to show us how to fight evil.

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