Which American Horror Story is the ‘Supreme’?

Ranking AHS from worst to best?

With the latest announcement of the new American Horror Story season’s name Cult and release date of Tuesday, Sept. 5th; we can’t help but be excited about this fall. This new season has a of lot hype especially since it is centered around the 2016 presidential election.

In honor of the next season, we decided to rank the last six seasons from worst to best!


6.| Season Five: Hotel

Three words — No. Jessica. Lange. AHS fifth season just didn’t feel the same without Jessica Lange and even Lady Gaga couldn’t fill that void. We’ll admit Gaga’s acting skills weren’t terrible. But, Hotel was very busy with storylines. It was easy to forget and lose track of what was happening.

As an American Horror Story fan, we’d have loved to see more horror incorporated from the real-life horror story behind the Hotel Cortez. The Hotel Cortez is inspired by the Cecil Hotel in real life. There are some pretty crazy things that went down in this real horror hotel, check out a true story here!

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5.| Season Four: Freak Show

Freak Show’s creepy Twisty the Clown makes the season worth watching. However, the musical numbers were a no-go for many fans. Ultimately, the storyline wasn’t an instant hook and set the stage for too busy of a plot line.

Freak Show does create the beginning of interconnecting plotlines as it connects season three’s Pepper and Sister Mary Eunice (from Asylum). Dr. Arthur Arden known as the Nazi scientist in Asylum makes an appearance in Freak Show as a young man.

4.| Season Three: Coven

The third season was definitely a favorite! The addition of Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett to the cast was a win. Not to mention the storylines of Marie Laveau, Madame Delphine LaLaurie, and a school for misfit teens all made for a witchin’ good time! Not to mention the Stevie Nicks cameos. However, where Coven lacks is the scare level. This season isn’t very scary compared to other seasons, let’s be honest, we watch American Horror Story for the horror and terror.

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3.| Season Six: Roanoke

Definitely the most capturing of all the AHS seasons and not one to pass up. In Roanoke, you get a mix of Blair Witch, fly on the wall, and classic Ryan Murphy style. This season keeps the “Murder House” vibe, which is nostalgic for American Horror Story fans. Not to mention plot references to previous seasons like Freak Show and Coven. This is a pretty graphic season with cannibalism, murder, and intense injuries. It’s one of the most gripping and scary story lines.

2.| Season One: Murder House

Murder House was the first season of American Horror Story, which started it all! This season has one main story with a few sub stories. Because of this, the storyline is uniquely mysterious and developed really well. This is the season where everyone fell in love with Evan Peters and we can’t blame them!

Weird, unsettling, and scary; season one set the standard for the next seasons to come. The rubber man, the Frankenstein baby, and others that reside in the basement is just too good.

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1.| Season Two: Asylum

Season two is where it’s at. Aliens, demonic possession, serial killers, Nazi doctors, and… Adam Levine? That’s right, this season is packed with an insane about of material that makes this season the best out of them all. Asylum is the scariest and most disturbing season to watch because of its truth based facts of asylums in the 1960’s. Lily Rabe’s acting is probably the best out of all the seasons. And of course, Jessica Lange is on point.

Scariest Haunted House in Utah