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Five Winter Monsters That Will Give You the Chills

Five Winter Monsters That Will Give You the Chills It’s January, the holidays are over, and we are left with icy, snowy weather and no lights to brighten the dark winter nights. Despite short days and frustrating commutes, for most modern people life goes on in the winter just like it does at [...]

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St. Nicks Creepy Sidekicks

St. Nicks Creepy Sidekicks When most Americans think of Christmas, we picture a fat, jolly Santa Claus with his trademark reindeer-powered sleigh and sack of toys. We all know that he spends the year in the North Pole with his elves; small friendly creatures who delight in making toys for children. St. Nick [...]

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The Art of Fear

The Art of Fear - An Interview With James Bernard “Who doesn’t like adrenaline?” asks the owner of Castle of Chaos Haunted House, “Everyone does; it makes you feel good. Your whole body feels good - when you work out, when you get scared, and when you jump out of an airplane.” Thankfully, [...]

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What is Dia de los Muertos?

What is Dia de los Muertos? Ruffled dresses, intricately painted faces, and skulls on candy, baked goods, and decorations - it’s time to celebrate Dia de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead. Often confused with Halloween in the United States, the Day of the Dead is actually a colorful celebration of the [...]

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The Tricks Before The Treats

The Tricks before the Treats If you were born anytime post 1940, you probably spent your Halloween nights dressed up, going from door to door and yelling "trick or treat!" in search of candy. You probably knew growing up that the phrase was supposed to be a sort of ultimatum for your neighbors- [...]

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5 Tips For Surviving A Zombie Apocalypse

5 Tips For Surviving A Zombie Apocalypse The unthinkable has just happened. An unidentified virus has seeped into the populace and is now ravaging the country, and possibly the world. The virus' most distinct identifying trait is turning an ordinary human into a shambling, mindless, undead bearer of death with an unnerving taste [...]

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