6 Real Life Friday the 13th Horror Stories

6 Real Life Friday the 13th Horror Stories For most modern thinking adults, Friday the 13th is a myth; it's a day that we give a mental nod at but continue our day as the norm. Although some people choose to stay inside due to their fear of the day and number combination, [...]

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Why Escape Rooms Are Becoming So Popular

Why Escape Rooms Are Becoming So Popular The next step in entertainments is here: immersion. For people, that means the goggles that you put over your eyes to play video games, that means traveling in luxurious technology that would’ve been pure witchcraft a few years ago, and even cheaper than that are the [...]

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Top 5 Paranormal Films You’ve Probably Never Seen

Top 5 Paranormal Films You’ve Probably Never Seen Paranormal cinema can be a difficult challenge both for filmmakers and audiences. Fear is a highly visceral emotion, and how audiences respond to fear is affected by the times. Be that as it may, we can think of a few timeless paranormal/horror movies that can scare [...]

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Where did Friday the 13th Come From?

Where Did Friday the 13th Come From? For as long as humans have been around, superstitions have existed; we’ve always wanted to know why things are the way they are, and our inability to explain phenomenon has led to tales and myth being created. As humans evolved, we developed a concept of luck, [...]

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Top Five Paranormal Movies on Netflix

Top Five Paranormal Ghost Movies on Netflix Who said horror was for Halloween only? Thankfully, Netflix disagrees with keeping scary films in October and provides us spooky folks with year-round ghost and paranormal movies. They keep their selection well-stocked, from the classics to the hidden gems of horror. Here’s a list of the [...]

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7 Paranormal Ghost Stories in Utah

7 Paranormal Ghost Stories in Utah Skiing, Mormons, and red arches. These are generally the first thoughts that come to mind when you hear the word Utah. But the beautiful mountains have their share of dark secrets, and despite the friendly culture, tales of the strange and paranormal are littered throughout the state. [...]

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5 Valentines Day Murders

5 Valentine's Day Murders That Will Make You Happy You're Single This Year If you’ve got the blues about being single this Valentine’s Day, just remember that it could easily be worse. Sure, you’re not exchanging flowers with your love or surprising them with a cute breakfast, but at the very least, you’re not like [...]

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How To Host a Murder Mystery Party

How To Host a Murder Mystery Party If you’ve been digging for a new party idea, look no further. With the recent explosion of interest around murder mystery theaters, it’s natural for people to wonder how to host their own - after all, there’s only so many times you can see the local [...]

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3 Unsolvable Real Life Murders

3 Unsolvable Real-Life Murders If you’re like me, many nights have been well spent pouring over the pages of mysteries. Sometimes I’m convinced that Nancy Drew is a fool, and that I could easily have solved the mystery first. Other times I spend hours browsing the web, seeking an answer to that latest whodunit [...]

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