What is a Chaos Mystery Dinner?

If you’re obsessed with Sherlock, Clue, Scooby Doo, or beating protagonists to finding out whodunnit, then it’s time you attend a real-life Clue game – mystery theaters! Perhaps you’ve heard of Castle of Chaos’ Murder Mystery Dinners. Well if you haven’t, I say that it’s time that you learn about it! Or perhaps you have heard of it, and it’s piqued your interest, but you just don’t know what it is. Not to worry, I can give you the inside scoop on what this enigmatical show is, what goes on during this drama, and why you would love to spend an enjoyable evening at this dinner theater.

In general, a Murder Mystery Dinner is a type of interactive entertainment performed during dinner. Again, think real life Clue, but you’re enjoying a tasty three-course meal while sleuthing through an infamous murder. Your goal, as an audience member, is to work with other members of your dining party and the cast members to solve the abomination.

During the dinner, you will gather clues, watch performances that help allude to the motive and identity of the murderer, and discuss among yourselves the details and the possible crook of the crime. As the show actively involves you, the guest, you will be introduced into an interactive world of mystery where the actors will explain rules and roles, and they will wholly ensure that your evening is thoroughly enjoyable.

Although every show will be unique because it does involve the audience, the performance will follow this general schedule:

    Food will be served! You’ll first enjoy a themed three-course dinner centered around the chosen theme. It starts with an appetizer, then the main course, and then it ends with a dessert. During this time, the cast will mingle with you, and you can get an understanding of the characters.
    After everyone finishes dinner, the show will begin. You’ll be introduced to any characters that you may have missed, you’ll be familiarized with the crime, and you’ll learn of goals that need to be accomplished that evening.
    There will be an opportunity after the act to allow you to mingle. You’ll discuss details and what you’ve learned with other guests, and you’ll investigate characters to begin to bloodhound your way to the truth. This time will also allow you the opportunity to examine props and fulfill objectives to help you learn the facts of the case. After everyone has their suspect, motivation, and facts all neatly lined up, the show will conclude. Worry not, you’ll walk out of the show with the secure knowledge of whodunnit, even if the murderer managed to trick your honed detective skills.

In general, murder mystery theaters are popular forms of dates, and far as they go, what better location to put on these shows than a haunted house? If you’re looking for something that will test your Sherlocking, tickle your funny bone, and provide you with a capital dinner and a show, this Murder Mystery Dinner is the way to go.

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