Crazy UFO Sightings

Countdown of the 5 Craziest UFO Sightings

The mystery of life outside of our planet has been a topic of interest as far back as human history dates. We find evidence of mysterious flying objects dating as far back as the pyramids. Throughout history, it seems like people have just accepted ufos and the idea of intelligence outside of earth as something normal. One of the earliest accounts we have is from ancient Egyptian Tulli Papyrus; documenting the history of Pharaoh Thutmose III. The ancient Egyptians saw flying objects they described as a “fire in the sky.” Confused, they brought this to Pharaoh, and he meditated on it. After that, the UFO sightings at the time were more numerous than ever. Pharaoh instructed his scribes to mark this as “a day of importance.”

There have been many reports of UFO sightings since that, but the one that started the UFO craze in the United States was in 1947. A man named Kenneth Arnold had a rather unusual experience in Washington, coming in at number five on our list.

5. Kenneth Arnold

The first well-known UFO sighting occurred in the 1940’s when businessman Kenneth Arnold claims he saw nine flings objects near Mount Rainier in Washington while flying his small plane. Based on where the objects flew out of sight Arnold estimated the speed of the crescent-shaped objects as almost two thousand miles per hour and said they moved “like saucers skipping on water.” The newspaper reports that followed mistakenly stated that the objects were saucer-shaped, hence the term flying saucer.

Kenneth Arnold Drawing

4. Chilean Navy Helicopter

The Chilean Navy admits it can’t explain this phenomenon. In November of 2014, a military helicopter captured incredible footage while on a routine patrol. The object appeared on the chopper’s infrared cameras in broad daylight. The pilots tracked the craft at about 40 miles away and tried several times to communicate with it. Upon receiving no response from the mysterious object, the pilots reported it to radar stations nearby. Despite being able to detect the object and having it show up on camera, the radar stations were unable to see them on their screens. The Chilean government has been probing the situation for 2 ½ years now and still has no explanation.

3. SpaceX Satellite 2017

This footage comes from the launch of a commercial satellite from Kennedy Space Centre on March 30, 2017. The video was a live feed that shows an unidentified object appearing as three lights in a triangle formation. What makes this footage particularly shocking is that shortly after the lights come into view, the footage cut to an animated map that shows where the satellite is. There was similar footage from an ISS live feed, back in 2010 where the same thing happened; as soon as these strange lights were in view, the footage suddenly stopped. Could this be NASA hiding proof of aliens from us? Something more sinister?

2. Space Alien Buried Here

In April (17) of 1897, there is a chilling legend in Aurora Texas. Newspaper reports from the time state that a spacecraft crashed into a windmill in the small town, breaking to pieces and it’s pilot died on impact. The town even buried the supposed alien in their local cemetery. In the 1970s scientists wanted to dig up the grave; they were blocked by the cemetery association because exhumations can only be authorized by next of kin, who, for obvious reasons, weren’t available. There have been a few different grave markers over the years. Including one that mysteriously showed up depicting a UFO carved into a piece of wood and just as mysteriously disappeared two years later.

1. Geneva Nuclear Lab

This remarkable story comes in at number one because of it’s chilling backstory.

In this footage taken at a nuclear lab in Geneva, Switzerland in October 2016, we can see three lights in a triangle formation similar to the SpaceX and NASA live feed footage. Witnesses claim that the phenomenon lasted about 20 seconds and departed at once as if it was burning, stating that it was as big as a plane and that it emitted a shrill noise.

What makes this story so bone-chilling is what took place here a couple of months earlier in August; CERN came under investigation after a video surfaced of a satanic ritual conducted in one of the main squares in Europe’s top physics lab. The ceremony was filmed by a secret viewer and shows several individuals standing in a circle in front of a statue of Shiva, a Hindu god. A woman dressed in white stands in the center of the shadowy group. It then shows the woman being stabbed by one of the cloaked figures in a frenzy after she falls to the ground. No one has been able to provide an explanation. Do the accounts correlate or could it all be a Hoax?

Geneva UFO

Someday we may have answers to all of these questions… explanations to every phenomenon… and as technology gets better and better, the search for life outside of Earth gets more and more exciting.

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