Eerie Unsolved Mysteries

Unsolved Mysteries No One Can Explain

From disappearances to ghosts to UFOs to murder, we’ve compiled some of the eeriest unsolved mysteries in the world. These stories are guaranteed to send chills down your spine…and make you never want to leave your house.

Chicago Tylenol Murders

In September 1982, in the Chicago area, twelve-year-old Mary Kellerman died after taking Tylenol to help cure her cold. Police discovered after the death of six other people that the extra-strength Tylenol pills contained cyanide. This particular mystery is so eerie because the contaminated bottles came from different production plants. It became theorized that someone was purchasing the bottles and then returning them poisoned for unknowing customers to buy. However, that person remains a mystery, and their story has inspired many copycats, including tampered candy on Halloween and other laced pills.

Amy Lynn Bradley

In 1998, American Amy Lynn Bradley mysteriously disappeared while with her family on a Caribbean cruise. Police thought she had fallen overboard or left when the ship docked in Curacao. However, since her disappearance, there have been numerous sightings of Bradley. Pictures on an adult website emailed to her parents and the story of an American sailor claiming to have sighted Bradley at a brothel suggest she was part of the sex trade around Curacao. Others even reported seeing her on the beach or in a store restroom before she was hurried away by nearby men. To this day, the mystery remains unsolved despite the efforts of her family and authorities.

The Mackenzie Poltergeist

In 1998 it appears the dead came to life when a homeless man broke into the Black Mausoleum on Greyfriars Kirkyard in Scotland. The Greyfriars has a grueling history due to the imprisonment and execution of hundreds of people there in the 1600s. Tourists who explore the mausoleum report all sorts of eerie activity, and there have been around 450 incidents where visitors have been mysteriously attacked and left cut or bruised after visiting. Even an exorcist reported sensing an evil presence, and oddly enough he died soon after the attempted exorcism he performed there.

The Disappearance of Zach Ramsay

In February 1996, Zachary Ramsay disappeared on his way to school in Great Falls, Montana. For three years police couldn’t find any leads until they arrested a man named Nathaniel Bar-Jonah. Police brought Bar-Jonah in for impersonating a police officer, and upon searching his house, police found heaps of evidence linking him to Zachary and other previous abductions. Even more disturbing police found of recipes like “Little boy stew” and “little boy pot pie” not far from a meat grinder which had seen considerable use. Despite this, there was never enough evidence to tie Zachary’s disappearance to Bar-Jonah – leaving the mystery unsolved.

Falcon Lake Encounter

In May 1967 near Falcon Lake in Manitoba, Canada, Stephen Michalak was searching for silver when he looked up in the sky after hearing a flock of Canada geese and noticed two elongated flying objects approaching the area.  One UFO flew off but the other, described as red in color, landed near Michalak. He examined the craft, later reporting that it was full of lights and instruments. Then without warning, it took off badly burning Michalak with its exhaust and setting his clothing on fire. While getting treatment in the hospital, nobody could disprove the man’s story, and to this day it remains one of the more mysterious accounts of extraterrestrials.

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