Your First Escape Room Experience


Escape Room Experience

The only problem you’ll have after your first escape room experience is wanting to come back for more. Escape room aficionados will tell you that they are compelled to return again and again. Having the living daylights scared out of you even when you’re perfectly safe is, well, a lot of fun. If you’re new to escape rooms, here are some things to consider.

The Escape Room Experience is Safe

No matter how “intense” an escape room experience can be, you’re always safe. The whole point of an escape room is to provide you with a believable, immersive experience that will intensify all of your senses but that is balanced by just enough of a scare to still be a lot of fun. Some escape room providers allow you choose a fear level. Most are “theme-based” so that they appeal to a broader audience.

It’s So Much More than Just Escaping

Escape rooms are a lot about the “game” of escaping. Time is not on your side. A substantial portion of that time will be spent solving puzzles and paying close attention to clues that will help get you out of there. All puzzles, riddles, and clues are challenging enough to keep you and everyone else guessing, but they are also logical and solvable. Prepare to be frantic. Racing against the chaos clock is just part of the experience.

Escape Rooms

It’s Designed to Look “Real”

Every aspect of an escape room, including its location, scary props, strange sounds, and surreal, creepy lighting, is intended to give you a realistic, believable experience. Realism is the addicting factor that keeps people coming back; it also contributes to how the escape room experience is rated. The more realistic it is, the higher the rating.

You’ll be Surrounded by Friends and Occasional Foes

For the best escape room experience, go with friends or family. The thrill of problem-solving is best when there are a lot of heads thinking together. You’ll need all that extra brain power because there are hidden clues in every corner of the room. And, there are enough puzzles to solve for everyone to jump in and participate. Effective communication gets you out and wins the game. Also, sharing the fear factor with friends, family, or both will help you feel a bit more secure. Expect your escape room hosts to remain in character throughout the experience. They are there to add to the eeriness, but they can provide comic relief, too.

Escape Room Experience

It’s Good for You

Escaping from an escape room is not just fun, it’s downright good for you. Triumphing over fear, even if it’s virtual fear, is an excellent morale booster. Working together with others to plan the escape strengthens communication skills. That’s why escape rooms are often used as a team-building exercise. The next time someone invites you to an escape room experience, say “Yes!” to the fear and go for it.

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