Best Group Date Activity in Utah

It’s your turn to plan the group date activity. Do you have ideas?

It’s date night—or worse—it’s group date day, and you’ve procrastinated. Now you have a dilemma. You may be thinking of a simple way out of this problem, “Let’s see, dinner and a movie?” Aw, c’mon! Why not be creative and daring by choosing a group date activity that requires both “creativity” and “daring-ness?” How about bungee jumping? Not much creativity needed here.There is, however, a ton of daring required. Just not sure how your date and your friends’ dates might respond to that idea.

Make sure your date isn’t a yawn! Try something thrilling like an escape room.

Best Group Date Activity

Here’s a thought—you can’t get more creative, or more daring, than an Escape Room! Get that bungee jumping feeling without having to hang from a rubber-band, looking down 30 stories. What’s more fun than being utterly terrified and perfectly safe at the same time? Aren’t you just a bit intrigued to give this group date activity a try?

An Escape Room is the perfect date experience if you want to know who your date truly is. How about you? Are you a Mr. Scaredy Cat or Miss Lioness the Fearless? An Escape Room will provide that answer fast—well, in about 60 minutes. That’s how much time you get to figure it all out and then come back for more fun.

So Much Scary Fun

Escape Rooms are freaky fun. There’s just enough of a fright to force you, your date, and your friends to work together to solve puzzles and discover the clues that will lead to your ultimate breathtaking escape. The whole Escape Room experience is meant to look and feel terrifyingly real. There are plenty of creepy, scary haunts to keep things interesting. Time isn’t on your side. The game will test how well you and your friends communicate and collaborate under this self-induced “fun” stress. Prepare for the shivers and a whole lot of laughter and celebration when you plan your escape successfully.

Choose the Right Escape Room for You

Captain’s Booty

Ask your date, “Wanna become a swashbuckling pirate for a while? What ye say, matey?!” Few can deny the call of the sea and a pirate’s life. That said, this experience is about stealing the captain’s booty. Apparently, the captain has forgotten how to share. For this Escape Room experience, you’ll have to find clues and solve riddles. Your goal is to successfully make your way to the captain’s quarters and find the treasure. Don’t let time run out or all of you will become croc bait, mateys!

Serial Killer

Don’t panic just yet. There’s plenty of panic to go around if you’re bold enough to enter the Serial Killer Escape Room. This Escape Room provides a tantalizing array of panic-inducing scenarios that will be the topic of many dinnertime conversations in the future. Can you and your friends keep calm as you work to escape from the grasp of the serial killer? It’s not like you have a ton of time to decipher the clues, solve puzzles, unlock your handcuffs, and get out of the grasp of the serial killer.