Best Halloween Costume Ideas

Remember the last 5 years when you said you would have an awesome costume this year, and it never happened?

It’s easy to lose track of time. Summer hits and you think you have all the time in the world to come up with something great. Then you blink and suddenly Halloween is tomorrow…and you still don’t have any ideas.

From Last Minute to the Scariest Halloween Costume Ideas

We have compiled a list of genius last minute, funny, and scary Halloween costume ideas!

scary Halloween costumes

Swipe Right on This Tinder Costume

All you need is a cutout frame, and some sharpies!

Wednesday and Pugsley Addams Duo

Grab your best friend or significant other, brother, or sister for this idea inspired by your childhood! One black dress, black stockings, pigtails, and a striped shirt and black shorts for your friend and you’re set! This Halloween costume idea is quick and easy.

last minute costume idea
scary Halloween costumes

Here’s Johnny!

The scene forever burned into our minds from the 1980’s horror film The Shining makes a frighteningly easy costume. Put that flannel to good use and grab a door to come through…

WHY ARE YOU SLEEPING? Girl from Finding Nemo

Have a plastic bag and a dead goldfish handy? Good. Now all that’s left is a blue dress, and some head gear.

last minute costume idea
scary Halloween costumes

IT Times Two!

What is scarier than Pennywise haunting your nightmares? TWO OF THEM.

Murderous Bride

The old ball and chain just got a new weapon to whip you with. With a white dress and some fake blood, you’ll be scaring the spit out of all the singles at your party.

scary Halloween costumes
From Last Minute Costumes to the Scariest

Voodoo King of New Orleans

With an old suit, a black top hat, and some creepy make-up, you’ll be able to hex the contests to win best costume


Think outside that imaginary box. Stripes, suspenders, black pants, and a barre silently impress your peers.

scary Halloween costumes

Best Halloween Costume Ideas

From easy DIY Halloween costumes to extravagant, themed characters–you can find ways to make your spooky Night of the Dead awesome. The best part is, you can do it without too much time or money!

Check out the top 5 costume shops in Utah county for all your Halloween needs!

  1. Taylor Maid Beauty and Theatrical
  2. Halloween City
  3. Ye Olde Costume Shoppe
  4. Party Land
  5. Mask Costume

If you’re looking for somewhere exciting to wear those costumes, only go as far as our 4 Levels of Fear! Bring your friends and see which costume fairs best against our actors and their attempts to scare you.