Saw Series: The Legacy of Jigsaw

Best and Worst of the Saw Series

Believe it or not, Saw hit theaters over a decade ago! The original film offered moviegoers one of the most original twists in film history. The sickening violence and gut-wrenching brutality worsens over a total 669 minutes of screen time. Not to say that we loved every part of the Saw series, but it is undeniably a staple of the horror genre. Taking a cue from the game master himself, we are going to play a game of which Saw movies rank the worst and the best.

Ranking the Films

#7 | Saw 3D: The Final Chapter

First of all, we just know from the fact that the film has “3D” in the title that it is the worst film in the franchise. No question. Not to mention it doesn’t have its characteristic Roman numeral in the title. As a result, Saw 3D is the worst of the series.  But, we do credit them for an attempted conclusion to a series riddled with unanswered questions. It is also the bloodiest of Saws, using over 25 gallons of fake blood, which amounts to two and a half times more than Saw II.

Fun Fact: When the film was in theaters in 2010, a Massachusetts theater accidentally screened Saw 3D instead of the 3D cartoon Megamind. Those kids were for sure traumatized!
Saw 3D

#6 | Saw V

Is there much to say about Saw V? Moving forward with Jigsaw’s apprentice, Matt Hoffman, you feel a sense of longing for the first game master. We can say that the water-based trap was definitely a highlight of the film.

#5 | Saw IV

It’s NOT a Trap! The first film to not open with a character in a trap, Saw IV was the tipping point before the downward spiral for the franchise. This film does a pretty good job of interjecting new elements into the series. Probably not the worst, but it definitely isn’t the best in the series.

#4 | Saw VI

The lowest earning Saw movie. All other Saw movies made over $100 million at the box office worldwide. But, it had a surprising response from fans, receiving a total of six out of ten stars. The carousel trap is one of the series’ best and is the longest trap scene in the whole franchise at a total of 8 mins.

Fun Fact: Thailand banned Saw VI.
Saw Films

#3 | Saw II

Following the original Saw, Saw II was set up for success. This film upped the ante by increasing the number of players in Jigsaw’s game while magnifying the horror. This film had five alternate endings, and kept the last 25 pages of the script from most of the actors to conceal the ending.

#2 | Saw III

[spoiler alert] This film could have easily brought the trilogy to a close, with the deaths of Amanda and John Kramer. But ultimately it’s about money, and there’s no denying the Saw fan-base, and their willingness to shell out some cash to see the latest installment.

Fun Fact: Screenwriter Leigh Whannell was physically sick from watching some of the scenes. Two words: pig vat.


Saw Series

#1 | Saw

The original Saw embodies the ‘less is more’ concept.  Filmed in 18 days with little to no budget, Saw set a new standard for the genre, becoming the most profitable horror film of all time.

Fun Fact: To help the actors feel more connected to their characters’ emotions, every bathroom scene was shot in chronological order.

Continuing the Saw series?

Announced in February of 2016, a reboot of the Saw series is in the process. The next film is called Saw: Legacy. Could this one be the most noteworthy of the Saw series?

Game Over. Or is it?

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