Serial Killer Who Lives Next Door

Serial Killers Who Got Away

Psychopathic serial killers make up about 1% of the general population. Feel safe, right? But, did you know that a serial killer could be living right next to you? Check out this list of notorious serial killers who not only escaped but are alive today and roaming the world as free men.

1. The Escape Artist

Swedish serial killer, Nikita Fouganthine killed a family of three in 1988. He had just been released from prison when he and his girlfriend stole a bike. The family who owned the bike followed them to a cemetery where he brutally murdered them all. He was caught soon after and convicted. Although he received a life sentence, he escaped in 1994. Nikita quickly became a real-life escape artist, and it’s believed he escaped different prisons as many as six times. He escaped the last prison in 2011 and is rumored to be living under an alias in Helsinki.

2. Metal Fang

This notorious serial killer, Nikolai Dzhumagaliev, murdered seven women in Kazakhstan in 1980. He is famously known as “Metal Fang,” for his false teeth made of metal and for cannibalism. Two drunks discovered Metal Fang’s crimes when they found a women’s severed head in his kitchen.  Metal Fang is insane and spent a year in a mental hospital.  He escaped prison while being transported to another facility. He is currently roaming free in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan.

Cannibal Serial Killer

3. South African Slayer

Louis Van Schoor, from South Africa, is convicted of the murder of seven men who he claimed were burglars. He openly admits to killing more, but also says he doesn’t know who many. Van Schoor had the protection of wealthy white men, who covered up many of the killings. Finally caught in 1992, Van Schoor only served 12 years in prison. He became a free man in 2004 and is the foreman of a cattle ranch in England. The South African Slayer is the most controversial serial killer. Many people believe he was just doing his job, while others believe he is a cold-hearted serial killer.

4. Jeff Davis Eight

In 2005, an eerie streak of murders began taking place in Jennings, Louisiana. Commonly known as the Jeff Davis Eight, at least eight women have been found dead near Interstate 10. All of the women had issues with substance abuse, and all frequented the same local bar. Residents believe one or more of the town’s police officers may be involved in the murders. Louisianna law enforcement made four arrests, but none have amounted to anything concrete. The case is one of United States’ top unsolved serial killer mysteries.

5. The Norwegian Nurse

Arnfinn Nesset, an educated man, at the age of 41 became a Norwegian nurse. Throughout his healthcare career, he was responsible for poisoning and killing at least 22 people using suxamethonium chloride. Only convicted for less than two dozen of the killings, authorities estimated he might have murdered up to 138 patients. In 1983 he was sentenced to 21 years in prison, the maximum term available under Norwegian law at the time. He only served 12 years and was released for good behavior. Ten years of parole followed that sentence. It’s believed that Arnfinn has changed his name several times and his current whereabouts are unknown.

Serial Killer Nurse

6. Juarez Slasher

On the U.S/Mexico border in Juárez, Chihuahua nearly 500  brutally murders of women and girls have occurred since 1993.  Juarez’s deaths are the most notorious and ongoing killing spree in history, with little to no evidence. Residents of the area believe that one person or a group are responsible for the majority of these massacres. To this day, there are no lasting convictions attributed to the murders.

7. Monster of the Andes

The “Monster of the Andes,” Pedro Alonso López is accused of the rape and murder of nearly 300 women and girls in Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. He was caught in 1980 in Ecuador and convicted of killing 80 girls. However,  authorities discovered that the number could be as high as 110, with most victims being between the ages of 8-12. He only served 14 years in an Ecuadorian prison. Upon his release, he spent several years in a mental hospital in Colombia. López was released in 1998 from a psychiatric hospital and is believed to be living somewhere in Colombia today.

Serial Killer of the Andes

The Serial Killer Who Got Away

We can feel a little comfort from the fact that notorious mass murderers such as Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, and Jeffrey Dahmer are all dead. But some serial killers do get away, and many could be walking among us today. A serial killer on the loose is a good enough reason to stay on our toes!

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