11 Stranger Things Facts YOU Should Know!

We are all going pretty crazy since Stranger Things 2 has been out for almost five days now! And if you haven’t already binged watched your whole way through the second season, stop whatever you are doing right now and turn on Netflix!

If you are feeling withdrawals from finishing Stranger Things, then check out these 11 facts YOU should know about the show!

Get your Eggos ready….

stranger things barb

1| Guess how much Sheriff Hopper’s trailer was?

That’s right, Hopper’s trailer was only one dollar! The budget constraints of the show forced the Duffer brothers to make some changes, which in the long run were for the better!

2| The Upside Down scenes didn’t use any green screens

For all of the Upside Down scenes, the production used fog and ash to create the creepy alternate dimension.

3| What about Barb?!

The strange fascination of Barb didn’t start with the fans, it all began with the production crew and writers. According to Ross Duffer; “We were always talking about Barb and ‘what about Barb’ and ‘poor Barb’ — we talked about it in the writers’ room almost every day…. there’s something particularly tragic about the loner character getting snatched and not making it out of the Upside Down.”

stranger things barb

4| Someone give real-life Barb a job!

For Shannon Purser, playing Barb was her first acting job. And it actually threw her world upside down! She had to quit her job working at a Georgia movie theater recently because people were coming to gawk and was even nominated for an Emmy.

5| Eleven and Dustin can sing!

Both kids are actually talented singers. Gaten Matarazzo, who plays Dustin,  has been part of Broadway products like Les Misérables and others. Milli Bobby Brown, or Eleven, is an amateur vocalist. Both kids bonded on set and would sing together between takes.

6| Reject 15 times by different TV networks before Netflix picked it up

It’s strange to think that Stranger Things was rejected not once or twice… But up to 15 to 20 times before Netflix picked up the storyline. Creators Matt and Ross Duffer reported that network executives didn’t understand why the show had kids as the main leads when it wasn’t actually a children’s show.

stranger things

7| Based on a “True Story”?

Did you know that Stranger Things is based on a true story? Find out more about Stranger Things inspiration: The Montauk Project

8| Gaten Matarazzo was the first person to be cast.

The Duffer brothers cast Gaten as Dustin as soon as they saw his audition tape! They did good, for who doesn’t want a chubby cheek and missing tooth kid in their 80’s nostalgia tribute show?!

stranger things dustin

9| 1,200 Pounds of Epsom Salt Was Used to Get Millie Bobby Brown to Float in the Kiddie Pool

Now that’s a lot of salt!

10| The real mom of the actor who plays Will was shocked to see her son’s fake corpse

Creators Matt and Ross Duffer pulled Noah’s mom aside and told her they had something to show her… Leading her to a dark closet they showed her a frighteningly realistic corpse of her son! The Duffer brothers said; “She was startled at first, and we felt like maybe we crossed a line…But after the initial shock, she loved it. Before long, she was taking pictures with her child’s fake corpse and texting the photos to all her friends. Yeah, Noah has a pretty cool mom.”

Stranger Things

11| There is a 30-page document that maps what the Upside Down is

The Duffer brothers have a 30-page document that maps what exactly the Upside Down is and the nature of the monster that lives there. The brothers say that they didn’t get into too much depth in the first season because of timing but are planning to include a lot more info during the second season of Stranger Things about the Upside Down.

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