5 Ways to Celebrate Friday the 13th

The first Friday the 13th of 2020 is coming up, and we think it’s an occasion to celebrate, especially since St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Tuesday this year (boo). Friday the 13th has been associated with all kinds of bad luck and superstition–from Templar curses to 13 being the number of witches needed to form a coven. We encourage you to forget about the supposed bad luck associated with the day and turn it into a sort of springtime Halloween preview instead. Here are five fun ideas for your Friday the 13th.

1.Have a Themed Movie Night

A themed movie night is the perfect Friday night in. What theme? Well, you get to choose. Pick a few of your posse’s favorite horror films or use it as an excuse to watch as many of the Friday the Thirteenth movies as you can. If you aren’t into horror or you need to cater to a younger audience, you could watch movies that have to do with magic or witches. Think Harry Potter, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, or even the Lord of the Rings. 

Of course, you can’t have a themed movie night without some food and beverages to go with it. The options are endless, depending on how much time and effort you want to spend. You could make acid green colored popcorn and realistic gummy worms or pair sliced liver and onions with a nice chianti. There are zillions of recipes online for food from our favorite magical worlds, like pumpkin pasties from Harry Potter or Lembas Bread from LOTR. 

If you are looking for themed adult beverages to pair with your movie night, check out this great list of drinks for Friday the 13th. The Oogie Boogie Cocktail, The Vampire’s Kiss, and The Spider Bite would be perfect for a variety of horror films. 

2.Pretend it’s Halloween

Who says Halloween only comes once a year? Friday the 13th is the perfect excuse to give your costume from last year one more whirl. Some haunted attractions and escape rooms have special deals for the occasion. If you live in the Salt Lake area, Castle of Chaos is the place to be for a haunting good time on Friday the 13th. They also have seriously scary escape rooms. So get your friends together, dress up and indulge in all your favorite Halloween activities. After you visit the haunted house, you could try Trick or Treating. You might get lucky and find some people who want to get rid of their extra candy. If not, you could always buy some Reese’s eggs.

3.Enjoy Some Daytime Creepiness

If you are stuck at work for most of the day on Friday the 13th, you can make the time go faster by listening to some creepy podcasts or your favorite Halloween playlists. Podcasts like Spirits (our favorite spooky mythology podcast) always have special episodes for Friday the 13th. Some of our other favorites include The No Sleep Podcast and Welcome to Nightvale. 

During the Middle Ages, people believed that you shouldn’t start anything new on Friday the 13th, but we think that if the new thing is creepy, then that superstition doesn’t count. Friday the 13th is the perfect day to find a new spooky podcast or playlist to enjoy. Consider putting together your very own Friday the 13th playlist for your workday. Spotify has the soundtracks to the Friday the 13th movies, and of course, your playlist wouldn’t be complete without “Friday the 13th” by the Misfits. 

4.Host a Horror Game Night

Video games might be the best way to immerse yourself in digital fear. There are some horror games out there that make the scariest horror movies look weak in comparison. Games like Resident Evil 7, P.T., and Alien: Isolation pull you into the horror as your character is confronted with gruesome monsters, atmospheric chills, and mind-bending realities. After a few rounds, you’ll need those adult beverages we recommended above.

If video games aren’t your thing, some surprisingly macabre board games will keep you and your friends entertained for hours. Betrayal at House on the Hill has a slightly awkward name, but it’s perfect for a Friday the 13th game night. Players move through a haunted mansion, adding tiles to expand the house. You and your friends must work together to survive and try to escape the haunted mansion, but then one player betrays the rest, and the game turns into a one vs. many. There are over 50 different variations on the gameplay, so each time is a new experience.

 If you are looking for a unique board game, try out Nyctophobia. The premise of Nyctophobia is that a crazed ax murderer is hunting you and your friends through a dark woods. Here’s the twist: you play the game blinded by blackout glasses, using only your sense of touch. The friend you’ve designated as the hunter puts your finger on your piece when it’s your turn, and you have to feel your way through the 3D maze. If you end up next to the hunter’s piece, you are wounded- get wounded twice, and you’re dead. This is the board game version of a thriller and a truly unforgettable game night experience. 

5.Go on a Ghost Hunting Adventure

You could pay to go on a guided ghost hunting tour in your area, but we think a self-guided tour would be even more fun. Go in with your friends to get some ghost hunting gear and then go out and explore the haunted places in your town. Here in Salt Lake, the Salt Lake City Cemetery, Rock Canyon in Provo, and Rio Grande Depot in downtown SLC are some haunted hot spots. Who knows? Maybe you could be the one to finally get a good recording of glowing orbs or spectral figures. Friday the 13th seems like the perfect day for the ghouls to be out and about.

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