The Legend of the Pigman

This March most of us are looking forward to St. Patricks Day, but did you know that March 1st was National Pig Day? Personally, I think pigs are adorable, but there is something about them that many find a bit unsettling. Maybe it’s their intelligence or just their beady eyes. Whatever the reason, creepy stories about the infamous Pigman are found all across the US. Read on to find out if there is a Pigman haunting near you.

The Pigman of Bonnie Brae Bridge

Denton, Texas is home to this urban legend that dates back to the ’50s. According to the story, young greasers at the time would park with their dates in the secluded farming country of West Denton, home to several bridges. Terrified teens began coming back with stories of a grotesque pig man throwing rocks at their cars. Other teens told a tale of a humanoid creature with glowing red eyes who traveled the area with a pack of aggressive, grunting boars. Many have suggested that the stories began with pranks being played by classmates or even as a ploy on the part of parents who weren’t keen on their children’s amorous activities. But there is another more disturbing explanation.

During the ’60s and ’70s, some of these remote areas near Denton were used by Rex Caubles “Cowboy Mafia” for illicit activities, including drug smuggling. There were reports at the time that a greaser was caught by the gang and had his nose cut off and a Joker-like Glasgow smile cut into his face. This was the gangland sign that someone had been “squealing” to police. The story goes that the disfigured “pig man” remained on the outskirts of town taking shelter in sheds and under bridges. Regardless of whether or not this part of the story is true, it is possible that the story of the Pig Man of Bonnie Brae Bridge reflected real anxieties at the time about the no-good shenanigans going on in the countryside.

Pigman of Road Bridge

This mile-long stretch of road in Angola, NY has been terrifying visitors and locals for over fifty years. Historically, the bridge was the scene of one of the worst railway disasters in history. Over fifty people died here in 1867 when a railcar came unhooked, fell down the embankment and burst into flame. Maybe it is this tragic history that inspired the legend of the Pigman. The Pigman of the creatively named Road Bridge was a hog farmer and a butcher. According to the story, he would place the heads of hogs he had butchered on spikes and line the road with them to let people know to stay off his property. Apparently, he hadn’t heard of “No Trespassing” signs. One day a group of teenage boys decided they would sneak onto the butchers land and have a look around. The Pigman is said to have killed all of them and placed their heads on spikes along the road. If you ask a local today, they will tell you that the Pigman still lives in the woods around the road waiting for unwary travelers.

The Pigheaded Spector of Pigman Bridge

Hawkinsville, Georgia is home to yet another Pigman Bridge. The bridge is located on Holland Road, a rural roadway that runs through several tunnels and bridges. There are actually a few different stories about this bridge, one of which is nearly identical to the story of the Pigman of Road Bridge in NY. The other tale is more unique. It tells of a local man who trained pigs for the circus. He was a bit eccentric and seemed to prefer the company of his pigs over that of people. One day for reasons no one knows his herd of pigs went mad and killed him. Locals say that if you visit the bridge at night, you can still see his ghost in the shape of a man with a pigs head. Some people even claim that they have been chased by this grotesque specter.

The Pigman of Devils Washbowl

In Northfield, Vermont locals tell of a naked man with a bald head and a pigs snout who chases down young couples and brutally attacks them. This legend also began in the fifties and also involved couples out parking in secluded areas. The pigman seems to specifically target boyfriends, leaving girls to run home screaming and terrified. Some versions of the story describe this Pigman as being covered in white hair, or even wearing a rotting pigs head as a mask. It all started in 1951 when a local teenager named Sam Harris went out on the night before Halloween to get into mischief. Sam Harris never came home, but soon afterward the Pigman began terrorizing the area.

Some say that Sam sold his soul to the devil and became the Pigman; others say that he was the creature’s first victim. A few years after his disappearance a group of teenagers drinking in a sandpit near the high school reported seeing a man-like creature with a pigs face come lumbering towards them from the woods. They ran back to the school dance, but no one believed their story. Soon after this people all over town began reporting sightings of the Pigman. Drivers claimed he had run in front of them across the road, and farmers reported seeing it on their property, possibly hunting their animals. Teenagers making out in the Devil’s Washbowl- an area known for its caves and waterfalls- reported the creature banging on their cars. There were even reports of bones and cloven hoofprints being found in one of the caves. This story has gotten bigger and better over the years and is one of Vermont’s most popular tales to tell after dark.

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