From the Future Time Travel Stories

Stories that will make you believe in time travel

Is time travel possible?  Time travel is one of human kind’s biggest fantasies. The topic has been all over movies and TV shows for years; Back to the Future, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Dr. Who and many more. But what if it’s actually been happening this whole time? And happening more often than we think? Here are some stories about people traveling through time!

Philadelphia Experiment

In 1943 the US Navy launched an experiment looking to cloak their ships from enemies radar during battle. They experimented with a few different things; one attempt was wrapping large tesla coils around the ship. These functioned as electromagnetic generators, making the ship invisible to enemy radar. When activated they were supposed to create a field around the ship that would deflect radar waves from reaching the ship. Supposedly not only did the ship disappear from radar but from the city of Philadelphia altogether. Al Bielek was the only man to survive the experiment, and he claimed that the ship went into hyperspace upon activating the Tesla coils. Bielek claims that two men were sent 40 years into the future and then returned to the ship!

Policeman Who Walked Into The 50’s

One afternoon in 1996, a policeman and his wife were walking down the streets of London shopping. His wife wanted to browse a bookstore, so the man walked down the street to another store while he waited for her. As he walked around a street corner, suddenly his surroundings were completely different. Like he walked into a 1950’s movie set. He was so confused by his surroundings; he thought he had a stroke! The man turned around, rushing back to the bookstore to find his wife. He turned the corner and approached the bookstore, only to see that it wasn’t there! A clothing shop called Cripps stood in its place. He opened the door anyway, and as soon as he did, everything returned to normal.

Humburg Shipyard Raid

In 1932 Bernard Hutton and Joachim Brandt were writing an article for a German newspaper about the Hamburg shipyards. They were given a tour by a shipyard executive and then out of nowhere the sky darkened, and bombs started exploding everywhere. They were suddenly in the middle of a full blown air raid. Confused, they ran back to their car and sped away from the shipyards. As they drove away and looked behind them to the explosions, everything looked ordinary. The sky was no longer dark, and nothing about the shipyard looked destroyed. Even the photos that Brandt captured during the ‘raid’ showed nothing unusual. It wasn’t until 11 years later that the British Royal Air Force attacked the shipyard. Hutton and Brandt saw articles about the attack and realized it was exactly what they experienced in 1932.

Alien Children

Sometime in the 12th Century in Woolpit, England a young boy and girl were found wandering around alone. They didn’t speak any recognizable language. Even weirder than that. Their skin was green. A local woman from the village took them in. The boy died soon after, but the girl survived and continued living with the woman, eventually learning English. She was able to tell her new family where she came from; she told them it was a dark, underground place called St. Martin’s Land. She and her brother were taking care of their father’s farm animals when they discovered a cave.

They went to explore the cave and walked down it for quite a long time before emerging in Woolpit, and they couldn’t find their way back.

Woman Stuck In Time Warp

Highway 167 in 1969. Two businessmen were traveling in Louisana towards Lafayette when eventually they noticed an old car driving in front of them, with the road was otherwise nearly traffic-free. The license plate of the car read 1940, which seemed strange but they thought there might be a car show going on, and that’s why the registration was so outdated.

Passing the vehicle, they saw a woman and a little girl, both in 1940’s clothing sitting in the front seats. Panic on their faces. The men got her attention and gestured for her to pull over so that they could help. She nodded and pulled off the highway, and the men slowly parked in front of her. Upon looking back to the other vehicle, nothing was there. There was no way the car could’ve passed them, or turned around… It had completely vanished. Even more shocking is that some newspapers from the 40’s report a mother and her child bizarrely disappearing. Who knows; they may still be out there, caught in a time warp.

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