Why Escape Rooms Are Becoming So Popular

The next step in entertainments is here: immersion. For people, that means the goggles that you put over your eyes to play video games, that means traveling in luxurious technology that would’ve been pure witchcraft a few years ago, and even cheaper than that are the ever popular escape rooms. If you haven’t heard of them, then we’re wondering what rock you live under, and we say that it’s time you’ve learned!

The concept of escape rooms are pretty simple: you and your friends, family, or co-workers are locked into a place, and you must escape by solving puzzles and riddles presented to you. If that isn’t something that naturally intrigues you, then perhaps learning that these rooms come in a vast variety of themes will. Some of these rooms allow you to escape from a serial killer, or a pirate ship, or an asylum. If you’re still hesitant, take a look below at the top reasons why everyone – from your grandmother and her yipping Yorkie to your neighborhood teen trolls – love these escape rooms.

Real Life Horror Movie

If you’ve ever watched a horror movie and thought, “Wow those people are so stupid; I would do…” then an escape room is just the place for you to prove that. Castle of Chaos’ most popular escape room, Serial Killer, gives you free reign to escape from the grasps of a serial killer who’s stepped away for a moment. Other rooms are similar in nature and give you the thrill of your very own horror movie without the real life and death danger – although it can be difficult to remember that in the moment.

Building Closer Relationships (And Meeting New People)

One of the best group activities can be to go through an escape room. Whether you’re looking to enhance your family reunion, learn more about your date, or discover strengths about your coworkers, escape rooms help you bond with other people.

Escape rooms give you all something to do and to focus on while encouraging you to work together to solve the larger puzzle at hand. It’s an easy way of escaping awkward pauses and lulls in conversation, and it also gives you something to talk about – both during the escape room and after.
While you’re puzzling over your clues, you will often learn things that you never knew about your group of friends or coworkers. You’ll discover that the gossip-lover is incredibly detail-oriented and that the bossy coworker is a great leader, and you can even learn your strengths.

Sometimes you don’t have the opportunity to solve the room with just your group. As escape rooms become more popular, the expectations of being the only group in the place become less realistic. While some of us may not feel that this is ideal, it actually gives you an excellent opportunity to meet some like-minded people who are smart and have to form a bond with your group pretty much instantly to survive, sorry, escape the room.

Rush of Adrenaline

The average escape room is timed for an hour; this means that you and your squad get one hour to escape. While that seems like a long time during the first 45 minutes, that time flies by, and your chances of being free again get tick away. This puts a lot of pressure on your group, and where the pressure is, the opportunity to shine is present as well. The closer to the end of the room you get, the more exciting every puzzle gets, and the more adrenaline pumps through you. Solving a clue in the first 15 minutes can give you a small smile, but solving the final clue in the last 3 minutes will get your heart pumping and give you quite a thrill.

Family Friendly

In modern days, most parents know that it can be challenging to find activities for the whole family. Not only are some establishments merely unfit for children, but it can also be challenging to find an activity that your teenager and your elementary school kiddo will enjoy. While you certainly want to keep in mind the potential attention span of your toddler, bringing older children can give a new perspective to the group that might be the key to escape. It’s a significant boost to their self-esteem when they can help out the family, and because it’s an entirely new experience, it will captivate their attention and excitement.

Escaping Into Your Favorite Obsession

As a rule, escape rooms are cleverly themed. You will generally have your zombie escape rooms, your asylum escape rooms, and an apocalypse one. Those are the most popular ones. However, did you know that you can also find Harry Potter escape rooms, paranormal escape rooms, and pirate escape rooms? Whatever floats your boat, there’s probably a room built for that fandom. All it takes is a few moments online to see if there’s one near you, and soon enough, you can hunt for sunken treasures while escaping from Bluebeard’s ship.

Stimulating Your Brain With Puzzles

Science has proven time and time again that puzzles are good for you. Many people spend their 9 to 5 at an office, then go home for some mind-numbing T.V. While that’s just standard life, it doesn’t entirely stimulate the brain the way it needs to be.
When you go into an escape room, it feeds your brain with new information and requires you to work and solve puzzles that your brain may not have worked on since you were a kid. This is both healthy and refreshing to your mind- similar as to if you were to solve a crossword or sudoku, but with quite a bit more of an entertainment factor.

Immersive Video Game

Calling all gamers; if you’ve ever wanted to escape into a video game, here is your chance. While you may not be able to access the technology presented in Portal, the immersive puzzle solving is entirely there.
As escape rooms are themed, for an hour you can try to solve a paranormal investigation, and if you allow yourself to be wrapped up in the experience, you can truly escape into another world.

Morale Boost

Perhaps one of the most overlooked benefits that an escape room gives you is a simple morale boost. In the daily grind of work, we sometimes don’t get the stream of praise and feeling of accomplishment that is inherently good for us. Completing puzzles and having that feeling that you’re contributing to a bigger picture boosts your self-esteem and lets you leave the room with an elated sense of accomplishment that will give you a boost for days.

All in all, escape rooms are certainly worth trying – at least once. But we forewarned; escape rooms can become addicting. Some people travel the nation searching for more challenging puzzles and for the next mind-blowing trick that some genius has hidden in a room. It can ultimately seem like a competition between yourself and your friends versus a team of people whose entire job is to create puzzles, a battle of minds indeed. At the end of the day, an escape room is truly a fun escape that is sure to tickle your mind and pump up your adrenaline.

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