Escape Rooms are quickly becoming the go-to evening fun for many groups of friends. A typical escape room involves putting 2-12 participants into a themed room or chamber, then having them try to exit the room within an hour or so. The way out is generally hidden through a series of puzzles that must be located and solved through intent examination of the surroundings. A technician is always on hand to provide a clue or perhaps bail the party out if they become well and truly stumped. More and more users are adding to the chorus of praise for why Escape Rooms are the perfect activity for family, friends, and coworkers.

Out of the Ordinary

“Escapism” is a vital element to our culture of recreation. It is why we read books, watch movies, and play video games. We engage in media that transports us from our everyday lives and vicariously live out an adventure or fantasy. An Escape Room goes one step further and lets you actually live out the scenario. Imagine if instead of reading about characters escaping from a clever trap, you and your friends got to escape from the trap yourselves. Some facilities will even model rooms after popular movies and works of fiction. If you and your party subscribe to a particular fandom, there is likely an available scenario that will let you live out a scene reminiscent of that universe. And while usually not mandatory, many facilities will let you dress up in costume, adding to the atmosphere and ambiance. In a sense, while the objective of an Escape Room is to “escape” by locating the exit, many find that at least for an evening the escape is also from their ordinary routine.

Working out a Knot

Puzzles have been a past time for generations. We give puzzles as gifts and toys to each other as children and as adults. There are whole games and apps dedicated to figuring them out. Newspapers have editors whose sole job is to create a new one every day. There is just something satisfying with being handed a controlled problem, then working out the solution. An Escape Room lets you share this satisfaction by banding together and solving an entire room designed to be a puzzle. If you are part of a team at your day job, you can suggest an Escape Room as a means to build rapport, exercise problem-solving skills and improve morale. If you are in a relationship and pride yourselves on working well as a pair, an Escape Room can provide an environment where you leverage that dynamic to knock out puzzles and problems together. And are you tired of rocking out birthdays in somebody’s living room? An Escape Room can make it a party to remember while keeping everyone engaged with a clever game. Pin the Tail on the Donkey just doesn’t hold up in comparison.

Fun and Safe

A well-constructed Escape Room will let everyone live out an adventure while providing a safe and controlled environment for all ages. Sometimes your group dynamic will have a wide range of preferences and personalities. Some people may like activities akin to skydiving, while others find the idea of even boarding an airplane horrifying. If you have avid rock climbers, the physicality involved can prevent everyone in the party from being an active participant. And if the group is a family with younger children, this can preclude such ideas like white water rafting or say, mechanical bull riding. But an Escape Room is easily recommendable to fit any group or team, no matter how diverse the personalities or ages are. There are some people who may specifically have issues with the nature of the room itself. Not everyone enjoys the idea of being locked in, and claustrophobia can be a real concern. But these facilities have a technician on watch whose job it is to help the group as needed and ensure that everyone is having a good time.

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