About Chaos FX

Chaos FX, specializes in crafting the most realistic and terrifying horror props that can be used in haunted houses, film productions, and more! For many years, Castle of Chaos has been
terrorizing all those who dare to enter by bringing their greatest fears to life in an underground
labyrinth of classic and modern-day horror. Our haunted house attraction has chilled the bones
of USA TODAY, The Travel Channel, City Weekly, HauntWorld, and many more. We have
teamed up with Chris Hanson, a renowned special FX and prop specialist and professional
monster making experience to create Chaos FX. The handcrafted props push the limits of fear
with every piece that we create. Chaos FX runs a full production shop with many full and
part-time staff with decades of experience within the haunted house, escape room and movie

Chaos FX Prop Creator

With over 30 years of creature FX experience, Chris Hanson is a well known name in the SFX community. As a celebrated and multi-award winning creature FX artist, Chris has worked with
some of LA’s top artists. For decades he has done make up for Hollywood horror movies as well
as creating creatures, props, masks, and more. He is best known for his work on Hereditary
(2018), Hellboy (2004), and My Comatose Mother (2011). Chris Hanson is the mastermind or
“Doc Monster” behind all of our products. Let us bring your nightmares to life!