Darkness has taken over the the Castle

A strange darkness has appeared over the Castle, causing bizarre, atmospheric disturbances, throwing the walls into complete darkness. Are you afraid of superstitions? This Friday the 13th, experience one of Utahs scariest interactive haunted attractions – in complete darkness.
While the Castle walls scream with terror, visitors become totally immersed in complete darkness. Expect your senses to be exposed to a whole new level of fear and anxiety. This Friday the 13th, do you have what it takes to survive the bone tingling creatures that lurk in the darkness?

Receive $2 off per ticket

If you show that you took Trax to the Castle!

4 Levels of Fear to Choose From

Spend an evening at The Castle of Chaos and experience the thrilling, chilling excitement that everyone’s been talking about. Allow us to bring your greatest fears to life in an underground nightmare of sociopathic killers, malicious spirits, and utter darkness.


For the already Terrified!

Your glow wand will keep the monster at a distance.

You will receive a glow wand which has magical properties that keep the monsters away. Simply show the actors your glowing wand and they will be afraid of YOU!


The Regular Haunt

Monsters neither touch nor stay away from you.

You will walk through the haunt without any monster touching you. The monsters will still get inside your “personal bubble” to scare you, but they do their best not to touch you.


For the fearless!

You may be touched, but not moved.

Hands on Horror™ is an extra add-on experience for those that think they can handle being touched by our actors. We have hired the best scarers in Utah to give you an experience you will never forget! This experience can be so intense that you MUST sign a waiver to participate. You CAN be touched (we get at least 90% of our guests)! You can be grabbed (appropriately), handled (appropriately), etc but the monsters will not drag you into a separate room from the rest of your party! Do not do this upgrade if you do not think you can handle it or if you have ANY health issues! Each Hands on Horror™ victim is specially designated by a glowing bracelet so that our creatures know which victims have signed the waiver!


Anything Goes!

You may be restrained, picked up, moved, threatened, etc.

X-Scream Hands On Horror™ is an even more intense level of actor interaction. Some of our actors have been trained to give you a “special” level of Hands On treatment. Not only can the actors touch you, but they can move you as well. This can include picking you up, dragging you off, getting you wet, placing things or our pets on you, restraining you, mock torture, putting you in things, and anything else that is legal and safe. You will NOT (of course) be harmed or handled inappropriately, but anything else is fair game. You never know what will happen in the darkness when you’re all alone! You must accept that minor scrapes, bruises etc may incidentally occur. Know that you may be separated from your group, so remove your glow necklace if it becomes too intense for you!

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We offer group discounts for groups of 20 or more. For discount rates up to 50% off email: or call us at (385) 216-8915.

Frequently Asked Questions

Castle started in 2001 and has had 6 locations since that time. Each haunt we’ve built has increased our knowledge of what customers want in a haunted house. Only Castle of Chaos has the CHAOS light system that keeps groups separated as you go through the haunt. Imagine going through a haunt and NOT being able to see everything happen to the group in front of you! We also offer the 4 Levels of Fear, which allow you to choose how intense you want your experience to be. You’ll still go through the haunt with your friends even if they choose a different level, but some can choose to allow the actors to be able to touch or even drag you off, while others can choose to get a special wand that keeps the monster away! Your Level of Fear is included In your ticket purchase. Finally, Castle is a very interactive haunt… so not only do we scare the best, but we ensure you have an awesome, fun time as well! And… we are completely underground!

Just visit our “Join Us” page and fill out the contact form. We will email you back and get you all the information you need. You must be at least 16 years old to volunteer or work here. If you love scaring and are committed to having fun, Castle is a great fit for you.

Yes! You can use any major credit or debit card at the Castle. Tax is charged with any credit card purchase.
The General Admission Ticket allows entry on any night we are open except October weekends (Friday or Saturdays). It includes the entire haunt and your choice of the 4 Levels of Fear. It doesn’t matter what date you choose on our website when you purchase this ticket option.
These are General Admit tickets that can be used any night we are open. If you arrive during the 45 minute time slot that you purchase on our website, you are guaranteed to enter the haunt no more than 45 minutes after the end of your time slot. So, if you purchase a 9:00 pm ticket AND arrive that night between 9 pm and 9:45 pm, you are guaranteed to enter by 10:30 pm even if we have to stop the General Admit line completely in order to ensure you make it into the haunt during that time.
Yes, you can always buy tickets on location, any night while we are open. Just understand that if you attend a busy night (like October weekends), you may have a long line to wait in that can sometimes last well over an hour. The “Next In” ticket means you’ll be immediately allowed to enter the haunt once you check in and go through security. The VIP ticket gives you a much faster line than the GA ticket (typically 4 to 5 times faster).
Yes, enter “group” when you purchase your GA ticket to receive a 40% discount on purchases of 20 or more tickets. If you have a very large group that would like a deeper discount, a different ticket option or to attend on an October weekend, please email us.
All ages are welcome to attend Castle of Chaos, yet it is not recommended for guest under 11 years of age. Our Four Levels of Fear allow you to choose what level of scares you want as you go through the haunt, so we recommend Level One Monster Be Gone if you are worried you won’t make it through.
No, sorry. Unused tickets from previous years or seasons are no longer valid and there are no refunds on expired tickets.
As long as you arrive by the time we close, you will be admitted. So, if we close at 10 and you arrive at 10, you are fine, even if there is still a line. We sometimes allow guests to entire after our closing time if there are still guests that haven’t entered the haunt.
At this time, we only have our location at 7980 S State Street, Midvale, UT. We are very excited to have a year round facility that offers Escape Rooms, Mysteries with optional dinners, and the opportunity to improve the sets throughout the year!
Our actors and security are trained to ensure you are escorted safely from the haunt. Our goals are to both scare and entertain you… not to induce panic attacks, so when we see a customer that is “too” scared, our actors are trained to reduce the intensity and ensure you are okay. There are no refunds once you purchase your ticket.
We do not offer refunds.

We give a $4 deduction for active military and a $2 for veterans, reservists etc. You are heros!
Firefighters and police can show their ID and get in for free. Heros also! Our founder, James Bernard, worked at the University of Utah Burn Trauma unit for many years and saw personally what our first responders must often face. Thank you!

We donate tickets for many charities and have raised tens of thousands of dollars for local charities, schools and other programs. Email us for more information.

4 Levels of Fear allows you to choose the level of scares you experience when at Castle of Chaos. The 4 Levels of Fear refer to the type and intensity of scares you will receive from the actors as you go through the haunted attraction. The levels (in order of intensity) are: Monster-Be-Gone, Regular Haunt, Hands on Horror, and X-Scream Hands on Horror.
No. All 4 Levels of Fear go through the same haunted house, so you and your companions can be different levels and you’ll still go through the exact same haunt. (note that Level 4 guests may be separated and dragged into “special” rooms)

No. Hands on Horror™ is strictly optional. No one has to participate. It is up to each person to decide if they feel like they can handle the intensity of possibly being touched.

To clarify, your group can have people choose different levels and you will still go through everything together.
You must be 18 or older OR be with a parent or guardian (who is over 18) and can sign the waiver for you OR download the waiver in advance, have your parent or guardian sign it, and bring it with you. These rules apply to both levels of Hands on Horror™ (Regular and X-Scream™). We sometimes have all of our customers sign a waiver, but it differs for those choosing Level 3 or Level 4 “Hands On Horror”.