1501, 2021

3 Types of Monsters You Can Expect to See Soon

January 15th, 2021|

Fiction exploring what happens when humans come into contact with non-human creatures has been popular since there have been people. Modern versions of these stories come from many genres, including horror, fantasy, and paranormal romance. The types of creatures we focus our storytelling efforts on fluctuate over time. The early [...]

912, 2020

Beyond Fantasy: How Dragons Shaped The Horror Genre

December 9th, 2020|

Dragons have been present in literature since ancient times. From the draconic creatures depicted in the art and literature of ancient Asian, Mesopotamian, Aztec, and Anglo-Saxon civilizations, to the modern depictions of dragons in series, movies, comics, and games, to call these beasts influential would be an understatement. Indeed, if [...]

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