At Castle of Chaos, we’ve been providing a scary good time to our guests for over twenty years, and every year is better than the last. We now offer year-round horror-themed escape games, as well as an ever-expanding seasonal haunt.

This year we are continuing our twentieth-anniversary celebration that started last season. Our haunt has been open every weekend in September. Starting in October, we are expanding our hours. We’ll be open Thursday through Monday for the first half of October and every day starting October 14 through Halloween. Here’s what you can expect from our 2021 haunt.

Expect the Unexpected

Uncertainty is one of the driving forces of fear, so here at Castle, we like to keep our guests guessing. Every year we add more to the haunt, and this year is no exception. Our underground chambers are designed to pull you in and make the horror real. You’ll see some familiar favorites from horror films, but we never stop there. We work all year long to create unique, unexpected horrors that guests will remember in their nightmares. If you came last year, you can expect a new experience this year.

Even More Space

We’ve completed a remodel and added more space for our monsters to roam. Your screams will echo through the halls of our massive underground haunt. More space means more rooms, corridors, and creative movie-quality sets and effects to immerse you in horror. It also means shorter lines and more space as you move through the haunt.

Great Acting

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we integrated more animatronics into our haunt last year, but our actors were still the rock stars of the haunt. We train our actors in improv, and we never rush our guests through the haunt. We send groups in separately so our actors can focus in and give everyone a personalized experience. We believe that great acting is what brings the screams, and we aim to get more screams than any other haunt in Utah.

A Safe Experience

Last year we implemented many measures to keep our guests healthy. These included extra space between groups of guests, mask-wearing, and extra cleaning. This year we are following all local regulations related to Covid-19 and taking every possible measure to help our guests have a safe, enjoyable experience.

You can help by following our rules here at the Castle, including not touching surfaces in the haunt and keeping space between groups. These rules also help us keep the haunt in good shape and enhance your experience.

More Ways to Enter

Gone are the days when your only way of getting into the haunt was to wait in line. Now you can also buy tickets online and be guaranteed a time slot to enter the haunt. We also have limited spots available for Skip the Line tickets. Even though we give guests who buy tickets online a guaranteed 30-minute time slot, lines can form on busy nights. With a skip-the-line ticket, you get to walk straight into the haunt.

If you can’t get enough of the Castle, you can buy a bounceback ticket for only $10 onsite. This allows you to come back to the haunt any night without paying the regular price. (You must wear your wristband to get in.)

5 Levels of Fear is Back!

Our fan-favorite levels of fear are back this year after a Covid-related hiatus last season. In addition to our level 1 (less scary) and level 2 (general admission), you can also choose from our more frightening 3, 4, and 5 levels. Our level three hands-on horror allows our actors to touch you but not move you. Level 4 is for people ages 16 and older and allows our actors to touch, restrain and threaten you.

Our level 5 ultimate hands-on horror is for our most daring customers over 18 years old. Guests who choose level five are allowing our monsters to bring them into their lairs and have their way with them.

The Scariest Haunt in Utah

At Castle of Chaos, we consistently get the most screams over every other haunt in the state. We’ve been recognized as Utah’s Scariest Haunted house by and listed as one of the top ten haunted houses in the U.S by USA Today and the Travel Channel. The votes are in. If you want to be truly scared this Halloween, Castle of Chaos is the place to be.

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