Welcome to Castle of Chaos’ 2021 Season

At Castle of Chaos, we’ve been providing a scary good time to our guests for over twenty years, and every year is better than the last. We now offer year-round horror-themed escape games, as well as an ever-expanding seasonal haunt. This year we are continuing our twentieth-anniversary celebration that started last season. Our haunt has [...]

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How to Celebrate Halloween Early in SLC

We’ve had a long hot summer, and it’s fair to say that many Utahns are more than ready for everything fall has to offer, especially the spooky season. What if I told you that you don’t have to wait until October to celebrate Halloween? It’s true! There are Halloween activities for the whole family that [...]

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How to Have an Epic Halloween Party in 2021

Many Halloween enthusiasts found ways to celebrate the season last year, but it's no secret that Halloween 2020 just wasn’t the same. Now it's time to make up for it by making this Halloween an occasion to remember. As all Halloweenheads know, Halloween prep starts in August (if not earlier). So here’s your guide to [...]

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4 Ways Black Cats Bring Good Luck

Black cats are one of the most famous symbols of Halloween. Today many of us see them as a fun symbol and don’t buy into old superstitions associated with witches and bad luck. Some might even see their association with witches as a positive attribute. Despite this, black cats are less likely to be adopted [...]

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6 Haunted House Books to Read this Summer

During the Covid lockdowns in 2020, there were reports that paranormal investigators were busier than ever. People used to being out of their homes for most of the day were now at home all day and able to witness strange happenings they hadn’t noticed before. Skeptics said that ghosts weren’t to blame. People were simply [...]

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7 Horror Movies Made for Shark Week

In 1975 Steven Speilberg's now-famous movie Jaws invented the blockbuster and has since spawned dozens of copycat films. Shark Week starts this Sunday, and even though we know sharks are magnificent creatures who (mostly) don’t deserve their man-eater reputation, it's still fun to watch hapless divers pitted against killer sharks. Since Jaws, most shark vs. [...]

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