How to Make a Monster

Fear. We’ve all experienced it. Maybe you felt afraid as a kid in the store when you looked up and couldn’t see your parents anywhere. Or as an adult, while watching the news. Maybe you seek fear in horror movies, haunted houses, or extreme sports. Scientists have argued for decades over why specific fears are [...]

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The Real History of the Unicorn

As you read this on April 9th, America is celebrating National Unicorn Day. Yes, that is a thing. The unicorn has enjoyed a recent surge of popularity over the past several years.  For most people, the word unicorn brings to mind images of pure white horses with gleaming horns, possibly surrounded by sparkles or with [...]

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Leprechaun 3 – A Highlight of the Franchise

There are millions of people that attend haunted houses and watch horror movies every year, willingly paying to be scared to the point they can’t sleep without double-checking all the doors and windows are locked and there’s no monster hiding under the bed. There have been plenty of big-budget horror films that have hit our [...]

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