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How to Make a Monster

Fear. We’ve all experienced it. Maybe you felt afraid as a kid in the store when you looked up and couldn’t see your parents anywhere. Or as an adult, while watching the news. Maybe you seek fear in horror movies, haunted houses, or extreme sports. Scientists have argued for decades over why specific fears are [...]

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The Real History of the Unicorn

As you read this on April 9th, America is celebrating National Unicorn Day. Yes, that is a thing. The unicorn has enjoyed a recent surge of popularity over the past several years.  For most people, the word unicorn brings to mind images of pure white horses with gleaming horns, possibly surrounded by sparkles or with [...]

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The History of Haunted Attractions

Haunted houses are one of America’s favorite pastimes. Thousands of people pass through the nearly 1,200 commercial attractions in the country every year. But how did this industry get started? And why? Well, the next time you see your grandfather, you might want to thank him. His generation's commitment to criminal mischief on Halloween is [...]

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3 Types of Monsters You Can Expect to See Soon

Fiction exploring what happens when humans come into contact with non-human creatures has been popular since there have been people. Modern versions of these stories come from many genres, including horror, fantasy, and paranormal romance. The types of creatures we focus our storytelling efforts on fluctuate over time. The early 2000s were all about vampires [...]

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