Effective Team Building Activities

You may have heard the old proverb, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Some say this proverb first appeared in 1659. Far back in history, people understood that having fun is essential for both health and prosperity. It’s just as true today. Success at work is heavily dependent upon effective team building activities, giving your employees time to play together in ways that foster better communication, provides motivation, overcomes barriers, and helps them to develop solutions and problem-solving skills. While there is an overabundance of team building games to choose from, why not invite your team for an Escape Room adventure?

An Escape Room experience provides all the elements that allow your team to get to know each other and to work together towards a shared goal. Depending on the type of employees you have on your team, you can choose an experience that fits their personalities.

Why Choose an Escape Room Adventure?

If you are ready to embark on a new project and you want to challenge your team to cooperate effectively, an Escape Room experience is an almost “real world” exercise that will instantly get your employees communicating and solving problems. If you have new employees, or employees who have not worked as a team before, an Escape Room is a perfect place for team interaction.

Because the whole point of an Escape Room is to “escape,” teamwork is the key that unlocks your team’s potential. Just as your team races against a deadline in the real world, they will race against time limits in an Escape Room. Problem-solving, cracking codes, and finding clues that lead to escape are all part of the experience.

 Escape Rooms Open the Door to Effective Communication

While in an Escape Room, your employees will have many team building opportunities to both lead and follow. Experiencing the Escape Room with your team will illustrate how, through effective team building activities, a group of individuals can quickly become high-functioning collaborators. After all, they must cooperate or they will fail to escape!

Doing something fun together outside of the office environment allows you and your employees to communicate more freely, it allows them to express their opinions and ideas and provides them with the opportunity for that out-of-the-box thinking so critical for a successful outcome in the Escape Room and at the office.

Toss that Whiteboard!

Tossing the whiteboard and throwing your employees into the chaos of an Escape Room can give them just the ammunition they need to kickstart a major project at work. That’s because all the skills they need to escape from an Escape Room such as teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and effective communication, are exactly the same skills they need at the office.

Escape Rooms have Lessons for Everyone

Escape Rooms as a team-building exercise have just enough of a “scare” in them to bring together co-workers of different backgrounds. No one can hide in the Escape Room. By its very nature, an Escape Room requires every individual to participate. Escape Rooms may be “just for fun,” but they can also be an inspiration your team needs to be productive and effective at work.

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