12 Things You Didn’t Know about Nightmare Before Christmas

1| Major Shocker!

Tim Burton Didn’t Direct The Nightmare Before Christmas

2| Original Vision

The Nightmare Before Christmas was initially envisioned as a television special.

3| Stike a Pose

The film uses 24 frames of stop-motion per second. That means the characters posed 24 times for each second of the film and the entire film consisted of 110,000 frames…. AKA a shiiii ton!

4| Film then script

Shooting began before the script was even completed! Probably because they had sooo many seconds of frames to shoot.

5| Ohhh eye see

Disney fought for Jack to have eyes.

6| Nod to Burton Classics

Did you notice that some of the gifts Jack delivers to the kids are nods to other Tim Burton films? The snake looks like a Sandworm, and the shrunken head is from the afterlife waiting room in Beetlejuice.

7| It took three years for the Movie to be completed

Probs because of all the frames for each second. What you’d call patience I’d say!

8| Nightmare Before Christmas the Poem

Tim Burton’s original poem was inspired by seeing Halloween merchandise in a store being taken down and replaced by a Christmas decorations. The juxtaposition of ghouls and goblins with Santa and his reindeer sparked his imagination.

9| Zero the red nose ghost dog

Jack’s dog, Zero, actually has a tiny glowing jack-o’-lantern for a nose.

10| Not released under the Disney Name

Disney deemed the movie too scary to be released under the Walt Disney name. After the movie became so successful, Disney allowed Nightmare Before Christmas to be part of their canon alongside their other animated films.

11| Sally is made of leaves on the inside.

Sally is pieced together with a lot of different material, from patches and yarn to leaves!

12| Hidden Mickey’s always!

Even though Walt Disney Pictures didn’t want to be too associated with Nightmare Before Christmas, they still included hidden Mickeys just like their other films. You can see the hidden Mickey when Jack delivers presents to the kids. One of the toys is a “Scary Mickey.” And the kids pjs have Mickey heads on them.

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