Seeing Is Believing

You’ve heard that it is easier to believe something when you have proof. We need concrete evidence to withstand our better judgement against the paranormal.

So what if we could show you that some tales aren’t just words?

Watch the videos to believe the tales that haunt your dreams. If you dare…

Ohio State Reformatory

As harsh a place as prison can be, in 1886, Ohio build a reformatory as a place for first-time offenders to humanely rehabilitate themselves. Unfortunately, conditions weren’t able to remain so positive. Within 100 years, this prison became notorious for torture tactics, abuse, and even murder.

Eventually the prison would be shut down as a facility, but would later reopen as a destination for ghost tours.

Hotel Cecil Video Surveillance

Remember back to the American Horror Story episodes set in the haunted hotel? Videos suggest the reality of the haunts that take place in the Cecil Hotel (on which the show based it’s own Inn.)

The video below shows Elisa Lam. She was a Canadian student who stayed at the Cecil in 2013. Video surveillance shows Elisa enter the elevator, where something interesting happens. Those who watch the video believe she encountered a ghost. After which, she won’t be seen again for two weeks. When her body will be recovered in the water tank at the hotel.

Pump House

Utah is not exempt from America’s haunted background. Stories have been circulating for year about the haunted “Pump House,” where legend claims one of the workers fell into one of the machines, and his brother tried to pull him out.

Unfortunately, the brother wasn’t a match for the machine. The first brother was killed, and the second couldn’t get his arm out of the machine, so he lost his arm and bled out on the floor nearby

Utah is known for being a destination for college kids, and students are often the ones who frequent this haunted house.

Crescent Hotel

The Crescent Hotel is one of America’s most haunted hot spots. The old hotel received its tarnished reputation after it was purchased by Dr. Norman Baker to be utilized as a cancer cure hospital.

Only after Baker generated thousands of dollars seeing a great deal of desperate patients, (having claimed to be the first person to cure cancer,) did police discover that he was not even a doctor.

Not only was Baker a con artist that was tricking the sick and stealing their money, but many patients were never accounted for after admittance to this hospital ruse. While he was never convicted of murder, it is speculated that he experimented on his “patients,” and that their bodies were buried throughout the grounds.

Thrill seekers visit the old haunted hotel and claim to see a nurse in white wheeling a gurney, along with other “guests.”

Are you scared yet?

Some regret those things that can’t be unseen. But those who thrive off that adrenaline rush find themselves unable to look away. If that’s you, perhaps the Fourth Level of the Castle of Chaos Levels of Fear might be just what the doctor ordered.

Hopefully, not Dr. Baker.

Whether you close your eyes when the bad things come, or you can’t get enough, there is a level to suit every ghost buster.