Top Five Paranormal Ghost Movies on Netflix

Who said horror was for Halloween only? Thankfully, Netflix disagrees with keeping scary films in October and provides us spooky folks with year-round ghost and paranormal movies. They keep their selection well-stocked, from the classics to the hidden gems of horror. Here’s a list of the top five that are currently showing on Netflix.

1. The Conjuring

The Conjuring is perhaps one of the most famous horror movies of the 20-teens. I can’t even play the clapping game without getting chills anymore, and for those who are looking for a critically-acclaimed film to watch this week, Netflix has you covered. The Conjuring follows the classic storyline of a family who moves into the haunted farmhouse (you’d think people would learn that old houses are haunted by now, right?), but it also mixes in a couple who hunts the paranormal and the relationship between their daughter and an insanely creepy doll.

2. The Babadook

Besides being an entertaining word to say, the Babadook is one of the creepiest paranormal movies that Netflix has to offer. It introduces your childhood nightmare of the boogeyman in the closet, but this Mister Babadook comes from a mysterious pop-up book and slowly seeps into the lives of a widow and her strange son. It’s enough to make you double check your closet for the next few nights after watching this film.

3. Deathgasm

One of the hidden gems of the Netflix horror scene is Deathgasm. This paranormal movie starts with your standard nerdy guy and the hot girl, but it mixes in some sick death metal riffs and possessions that haunt the dreams of even the darkest spirits. It shows the real power of death metal when a band plays a piece of music written to summon a demon, Aeloth, who promises to possess the body of the evilest person. If you’re looking to discover the ultimate metalhead horror movie, settle in for a Deathgasm.

4. The Awakening

This one goes out to all the ghost skeptics out there – The Awakening covers the story of an author who hunts ghosts and writes her books on the debunked supernatural schemes that she discovers. On what should be another day on the job, she visits a haunted boarding school, but even after she’s unmasked the villain, paranormal events keep happening. The film gets more and more twisted, revealing a traumatizing childhood that is intertwined in the author’s adult life – leaving her haunted by her forgotten past and a chilling ghost. If you’re looking for a film to keep you awake all weekend, Netflix has posted The Awakening for you.

5. The Lazarus Effect

The art of bringing people back to life, or Necromancy, is a subject that people have theorized about probably since the first person died. Easily one of the best movies in that genre is The Lazarus Effect, which Netflix has recently brought back to life. The film covers a group of college students who are determined to show that they’ve succeeded at a Pet Semetary even after they’re shut down by their university, and when an accident kills one of their members, the only natural thing to do is to bring her back – right? But not all is well; this creepy resurrection film shows you exactly why the dead need to stay put.

These ghost and paranormal movies are not ones that I recommend watching alone. For the scariest of movie nights, try inviting some friends over. And perhaps some of these horror movies can inspire your next murder mystery night! For an a to z how-to for hosting a murder mystery, check out our last blog post…

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