American Horror Story: Which Season is Supreme?

Which American Horror Story is the ‘Supreme’? Ranking AHS from worst to best? With the latest announcement of the new American Horror Story season’s name Cult and release date of Tuesday, Sept. 5th; we can’t help but be excited about this fall. This new season has a of lot hype especially since it is [...]

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Your Summer 2017 Scary Movies List

Your Summer Scary Movies List Ahhh, summertime! It’s the best time of the year for camping, swimming, hiking, and all things outdoor fun. But, it also calls for late nights and scary movies! Unlike your typical must watch scary movies list, we’ve compiled a list of the best streamable films for your late night weekends! [...]

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7 Superstitious Origins You Didn’t Know

7 Superstitious Origins You Didn’t Know Ever catch yourself avoiding cracks in the sidewalk? Or walking around black cats on the street? Ever knock on wood after saying something positive to avoid it falling apart? Whether you consider yourself superstitious or not, chances are you have! For many of us, these superstitions are [...]

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Best Group Date Activity in Utah

Best Group Date Activity in Utah It's your turn to plan the group date activity. Do you have ideas? It’s date night—or worse—it's group date day, and you've procrastinated. Now you have a dilemma. You may be thinking of a simple way out of this problem, “Let’s see, dinner and a movie?” Aw, [...]

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