Master Escape Artists

Some people are just born with that “escape artist,” thrill-seeking gene, which makes them able to put themselves into situations that would kill us, regular folks. Not to say that mega escape artists don’t have the occasional brush with death. Seriously, though. What drives escape artists to seek out the kind of danger that could lead to a terminal case of code blue? IDK. But this much is true—they’re missing a few screws, or maybe they have a few too many.

Master of the Master Escape Artists

Harry Houdini

When it comes to escape artists of the past, Houdini is king with a capital “K.” His daring escapes, while duplicated by contemporary thrill seekers, are still legend. He was, after all, the first of his kind. Whatever the escape challenge—locks, ropes, handcuffs, shackles, straitjackets or a combination of these—Houdini was up for it. One of his underwater escapes, as in over 90 minutes submerged in a locked coffin, was his last and most daring exploit.

Escape Artists

Today’s Escape Artists

If Houdini were alive, he’d have some serious competition from some today’s escape artists:

Escape Artists

Lady Houdini

Kristen Johnson, a Carmel, Indiana native, is often called “Lady Houdini.” She has beaten Houdini’s water escape record and has logged over 1,000 water torture cell escapes. Kristen began showing off her water escape skills in 2003. For Kristen, picking locks was an easy skill to master. Learning to slow her heart rate and stay underwater long enough to free herself was far more challenging. Kristen began her career when she met her husband, magician Kevin Ridgeway. She wanted to be more than a magician’s assistant or bystander. She is the leading female in the field of escapology.

Locksmith turned Escape Artist

It takes Canadian, Steve Santini about seven seconds to free himself from police handcuffs, all while listening to brain-numbing, hardcore metal rock. Santini has never been in trouble with the law and none of his “incarcerations” are real..When Steve was young, he learned locksmithing skills. He became an accomplished apprentice and quickly learned to pick locks. Some of his escapades include dangling from a rope in a straitjacket while completely chained up. He has also escaped from a coffin that was submerged 30 feet in ice-cold waters. Santini skills have helped police departments design better restraint devices.

The “Coffin” Jumper

Imagine being tossed out of an airplane while shackled inside a coffin. In 1988, Anthony Martin did just that. Once wasn’t enough for him, though. Martin repeated the stunt in 2013. Like Steve Santini, Martin is unbelievably skilled at escaping handcuffs and prison doors. He is a purist and all of his escapes are authenticated. No tricks here.

Escape Artists

How About You?

If you’re handy at picking locks and finding ways to escape a chilling situation, you may be ready to try one of our Escape Rooms. There you can test your Houdini nerves of steel. No worries, You won’t face any water torture cells but, you will have so much fun that you’ll want to return and bring your friends for more.